Summer Kitchen Cabinet Sale Ocala!!!

For the summer we are including all plywood boxes, dovetail drawers, soft close, and full overlay doors at no additional charge! With this promotion receive the first 10 square feet of your new granite counter tops on us. Get a FREE online cabinet estimate

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New Product Line of Sinks and Faucets

Check out our new line of faucets and sinks

Check out our new line of faucets and sinks

We are excited to offer a new product line of sinks and faucets. Check them out!



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Granite Specialist for ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

Sofia's Granite Is Proud to be The Countertop and Cabinet Specialist for Extreme Home Makeover North Florida EditionSofia’s Granite is proud to be the granite and cabinet specialist for ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. The show features amazing stories of families who are helped through a community banding together to build a home on . Construction began  on Jan. 27 to build a new home for Carrie Prewitt. Prewitt, a high school volleyball coach, is the guardian for three children she took in two years ago after the passing of the children’s parents.

Being a part of the Extreme Makeover was life changing says owner James Rae. 

“So many people came together to help the family. Everyone on the worksite had a can do attitude. I wish I could be surrounded by that atmosphere all the time. It was organized chaos.”

So check out the show on Mother’s Day (Sunday9pm EST /8pm CST). You’ll get to see the inside. Be sure to check out the countertops and cabinets. They were installed with love!

For more information about the North Florida Extreme Makeover please visit

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Magma Granite Sale

Magma Granite is on sale for $43/sq foot installed. Visit our new home center in Ocala to see the beauty of the stone for yourself.Magma Gold Granite

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Featured Granite

Midnight Twister and Kenya Cream are our featured granite stone countertops!! Receive 30% off retail. Now while supplies last! Call (352) 680-0892 or visit our showroom for more information.

Kenya Cream Granite Special
Midnight Twister Granite Special

Midnight Twister Granite Special

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Sink and Faucet Combo

Package Includes:

  • Premium 16 Gauge Sink
        (available in 50/50, 60/40 and 40/60)
  • Stainless Steel Faucet
        (SHC ss21)
  • Cutting Board
  • Pasta Bowl
  • Drain

Package Price: $499
Visit the Granite Showroom for more details and information

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Granite Countertop Resurfacing

Is your granite countertop stained or damaged? We can help.

Sofia’s Granite offers reolutionary cleaning and polishing products. Our expert granite craftsman are able to remove stains, restoring its natural beauty. Once countertop restoration is complete we recommend a protective sealant  to protect the surface for years to come.

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New Product InvisaBLOCK&#8482

Sofia’s Granite is excited to announce a new product InvisaBLOCK™. This revolutionary sealer protects the beauty of your granite and marble for years.

InvisaBLOCK™ is the only Premium Stone Sealant on the market that works so well it is backed by an exclusive countertop replacement warranty.

How InvisaBLOCK™ works

Using the science of nanotechnology InvisaBLOCK™ creates an invisible barrier on and beneath the stone surface.

InvisaBLOCK™ Benefits

  • Resists Stains, dirt, and bacteria
  • Texture and appearance of stone remain the same
  • Makes surface stain repellent, hygienic, and easier to clean
  • Thoroughly food-safe once product has cured
  • Comes with 15 year limited residential warranty
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New Store in Ocala is Open!

The new store is open and we are excited to be in a great location in Ocala Florida at 5320 South Pine Ave. The Ocala Granite Showroom is a more convenient location, easier access, and larger floor room. This means a better granite experience for you. Thanks for your support of Sofia’s Granite! Continue to tell your friends about our quality products and service. Visit us and let us know what you think.

Mapquest Directions

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What wood species should I choose for my new cabinets?

There are many things to consider when choosing wood type for your new cabinets. Some of the differences include grain variation, color, strength, and price. We encourage you to visit our showroom to see the different wood cabinet options and to see what is the best option for your remodeling project. Find out more about wood types here.

Oak CabinetsOak offers a strong, open-grain wood providing extreme durability and beauty of a distinct and somewhat wide grain pattern. Natural occurring color variation in oak ranges from white to yellow with some reddish pink tones. Occasionally green, yellow or black mineral steaks may be noticed throughout the product and the grain pattern may vary from closely knit to a sweeping arch.

Hickory CabinetsHickory is known for its strength, open grain and distinctive color variation ranging from light to deep brown. Hickory’s unpredictable color spread is especially noticeable in natural or light finishes with deeper stains mellowing the variation. It is not uncommon to see random speck, burls or mineral streak within the hickory as these are natural occurring and defining characteristics.

Rustic Hickory CabinetsIn addition to the strength, open grain pattern and distinctive color variation characteristics of hickory, Rustic hickory incorporates the natural occurring sporadic knots and pin holes into the center panel of the doors and drawers offering a truly natural look.

Rustic Alder CabinetsRustic Alder is a hard wood with a fine, straight-grain and even texture. The natural color is a light brown with a yellow or reddish tinge. Natural characteristics include spots, knots, buns and blemishes. As one of the softest hardwoods, Rustic Alder can be easily dented or scratched.

maple cabinetsMaple offers a smooth close-grained appearance with strength and durability. Generally off white in color maple does contain light hues of yellow-brown and pink, which are more noticeable it the natural or light stains. Other natural occurring color variation includes small light tan or reddish mineral streaks that will darken with stain. Maple’s straight grained-pattern can include some waves or curls providing subtle and complementing variation to a design.

birch cabinetsBirch offers a tight grain appearance with high resistance and durability. The fine and even grain, features a slight wavy pattern, and the smooth dense surface compliment stain and finish applications. Natural tones include a light hue of yellow-brown.

cherry cabinetsCherry is a multi-colored hardwood offering in its natural state a pinkish, brown tone with variations of white, green, pink or gray. Cherry wood has a unique aging characteristic called “mellowing” or deepening of color with exposure to light and temperature. This change in color is more noticeable in the natural or light stain finishes and is a distinctive feature of cherry cabinetry. Naturally occurring pin holes or small cavities and streak are common to cherry enhancing the true beauty of this elegant wood selection.

rustic cherry cabinetsRustic Cherry offers the beautiful characteristic of cherry with the incorporation of natural occurring sporadic knots and pin holes into the door and drawers offering a truly natural look.

thermafoil cabinetThermofoil provides a crisp, clean and durable design. The doors and drawer fronts are constructed of a one piece Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) and covered with a durable thermofoil laminate. The cabinetry features a wood face frame painted with a furniture quality finish to closely match the laminate (White or Antique White). The interior of the cabinets are white. It is important to note that expansion and contraction of the wood in the cabinetry face frames may cause small seams in the paint at the cabinetry joints. This naturally occurring characteristic is unavoidable, but will not affect the integrity of the cabinet nor the finish.


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